Volvo S60 Teknik - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

Volvo1 Volvo S60 Teknik Volvo1
Volvo2 Volvo S60 Teknik Volvo2

Snazzy Swede

Being far more driver focused the Volvo S60 Teknik was a new direction for the brand. It was offered with petrol and diesel engines, the one here has a 177kW two-litre turbo and sequential auto.

While a bit of a left field model for Volvo it still came chock full of safety features.

For those seeking an alternative to the traditional German prestige brands the S60 with its more dynamic persona may be just the thing. Check out our Volvo anniversary feature.

According to the blurb this 2013 Silver S60 Teknik with 85,405km on the clock and an asking price of $15,500 looks and drives like new.

It features sat nav, excellent aircon and a premium sound system. Occupants sit in comfortable leather draped pews.

See it here.


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