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Classic targa top

Definitely not one for the shy or retiring, a Corvette C3 gets noticed and looks like the proverbial shark in a goldfish pond when out and about in modern traffic. And that’s what you buy it for – something that’s a little outlandish and the polar opposite to the SUVs populating most driveways these days.

This is the third significant generation of the Corvette and probably the most plentiful in the local market.

As a drive these days, it scoots along quickly enough and is more grand tourer and showpiece than sports car. Under the fiberglass body, the mechanical package is well-known and simple enough to maintain.

We noted on our buyer guide on the series: "The C3 shape, in common with many GM designs, was based on a show car; this one called the Mako Shark 2. Mechanically it drew extensively with the C2 Sting Ray it replaced, but was engineered to accommodate GM’s biggest and most potent V8 engines."

The example you see here is running a 350ci V8 in 335hp tune, with three-speed auto. It lays claim to being in original trim and of course has the targa roof.

Pennant Hills Auto in Sydney has it on the market at $65,990. Tel 02 829 7029.


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