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benz auction 2 Mercedes-Benz 560SL benz auction 2
benz auction Mercedes-Benz 560SL benz auction

Premium soft-top

The Mercedes-Benz R107 SL series (which had a companion C107 SLC hardtop line) had a remarkable production run of 18 years, finishing in 1989. 

This was a period when the company was experiencing phenomenal success, despite the premium pricing of its product.

Part of the appeal of the SL series was it came with a detachable hardtop, plus a tradiitional folding soft-top, giving the owner some useful options - particularly if they were facing a harsh northern hemisphere Winter.

Myriad engine and transmission options were made available and this 560 with four-speed auto is at the premium end iof the scale. In Europe, the 5.6lt V8 claimed a little over 270hp, however for the USA and Australian this was closer to 230hp thanks to emission requirements.

The example up for auction is a USA market car, hence the distinctive quad headlamps rather than the rectangular lamps used in other markets.

Classic Benz convertibles have seen values rise over the years, and earlier series have seen their values climb into six-figure territory.

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