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Inside this month's Unique Cars Gearbox...

1. Mini chev


Arguably Chevrolet’s most successful body shape, the C3 lasted in production from 1967 through to 1982 – an incredible run. The form was a slightly less extreme take on Larry Shinoda’s Mako Shark concept car of 1965. This model from Bradford is from the chrome bumper era, 1969, and is a 1:16 scale. That makes it around 25cm (10in) long. The company reckons 150 parts are involved and will sell you one for $350 plus $20 shipping.

2. XC Tee


You can never have too many car-themed T-shirts – that’s simply a law of nature that we’re all aware of. We tripped over this one recently at the Touring Car Masters site, running a dramatic graphic of Allan Moffat’s Federation Insurance-backed XC coupe. That had to be one of the more visually dramatic cars he raced. Yours for $35.

3. Parts bath


Go on, admit it: You’ve tried the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. While they have some things going for them, the truth is they have the dual disadvantages of giving you very uncertain results and more likely a clip over the ear from other members of the household. So here’s the tip: Get a parts washer. This unit is made of steel, has a 45lt fluid capacity and is 700 x 480 x 250mm – so pretty substantial. Machinery Warehouse has the technology, priced at $189 including GST.

4. Shady ute


Got a Holden ute-owning mate or girlfriend? Here’s something for the Christmas stocking. Supercheap is flogging these cheap and cheerful sunshades, featuring local utes across the decades. It’s an accordian design, so it folds up. Of course you could buy one for any Ford owner you don’t like very much, just to spice up the festive season. In any case, they’re $22.


5. Wire wash


Righto, hands up if you’ve attempted to clean wire wheels? It’s a job most of us probably don’t look forward to, though there are worse ways to spend a lazy couple of hours, with a glass of your favourite tipple for company. What potions should you use? The mob at Australian Classic Wire Wheels has a kit and, since the firm actually makes and sells wheels, that’s the way we’d be heading. It includes a two-stage process which claims to clean and protect. Yours for $69.


6. Dual tools


A group called Dual Action has hit the market with what it says are high-quality socket sets with fine walls and the strength to cope with impact use. The deeper you delve, the more you discover in the way of metric and imperial sets in quarter, three-eighth and half-inch drives. You can also stipulate six or 12-point sockets. Prices of course vary, but as an indicator the Imperial half-inch set shown retails for around the $180-190 mark.


From Unique Cars #460, Dec 2021

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