1961 Dodge coupe - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

dodgecoupe1 1961 Dodge coupe dodgecoupe1
dodgecoupe2 1961 Dodge coupe dodgecoupe2

Early Valiant variant

You don't see a huge numbers of these mid-size Valiant/Dodge/Plymouth variants getting around, least of all in two-door coupe form.

In this country, it was the four-door R-series that got the show going in 1962 and they had the potential to shake up the local scene. In general, they were significantly more powerful and quicker than the equivalent Falcon or Holden. That was because the locally-assembled sedans came with the bigger 225ci slant six. Buyers had the option of a push-button TorqueFlite auto or a three-speed manual.

What you're seeing here is a 1961 Dodge Lancer variant, with 170 six and three-speed manual floor shift. The owner indicates a fair bit of work has been done to the car.

It's in the Currumbin Valley in Queensland and is on the market for $25,000.


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