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Straight six roadster

Though now largely forgotten in Australia, Vauxhall has deep roots in our motoring history.

In a series on the historic marque, which started in 1903, we noted: "Once sold in Australia as part of the General Motors portfolio, the Vauxhall brand disappeared from our shores in the 1967 when the Viva was replaced by the HB Torana.

"However, Vauxhall is probably best remembered for the Cresta sedan capturing the inaugural Armstrong 500-mile race at Phillip Island in 1960, the precursor to the Bathurst endurance classic."

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This 1927 20-60 R-type Melton Roadster was an upmarket car in its day, featuring a 3.0lt straight six. It’s been getting around the WA club scene for some years, has been restored and has won its share of tropies.

The Melton body style was around for some years and was also known as a Golfer Coupe. We believe some were assembled in Australia by Holden.

This example is on the market for $60,000


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