1954 Holden FJ sedan – today’s tempter

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Second-gen local

Anyone with even a passing interest in local car history will have heard of the early Holdens from 1948, and their FJ successor from 1953. Visually the two generations were very similar, and the giveaway is the bolder and less labour-intensive front grille.

The FJ received a number of upgrades under the skin, including a mild bump in power for the 2.2lt ‘grey’ six from 60hp to 65 (48kW).

This is one of those cars that rightly features prominently in collections and for which values seem to have risen more or less steadily over the last decade.

Driving one is a very different experience for anyone not used to cars of the era. Progress is stately rather than quick, while the handling includes a famous tendency towards attention-getting body roll when pushed.

They are however relatively simple things to maintain and are capable of big distances, even today, albeit at a leisurely pace.

This example comes in close to original spec, with a grey motor under the bonnet and the original as a spare.

Located at Bathurst, NSW, it’s on the market for $50,000.

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