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Legendary Brockmobile at Grays

If you were going to draw a hierachy of desirable Holdens, the HDT VK Group A, aka the Blue Meanie, would be pretty close to the top.

This represented legendary racer Peter Brock at the height of his business powers, producing a car that has become an icon.

For the time, the spec was impressive and one of these cars could literally draw a crowd. Under the bonnet you get one of two variants of a 4.9lt or 5.0lt V8 and a selection of transmissions, including a four or five-speed manual or three-speed auto.

This is one of those rare Holdens that has been collectible pretty much from day one and has always been worth a substantial amount of money. There some subtleties to the variants on VK Group A, which you can explore via the HDT website.

The auction record for this model is a little over $1 million, also sold by Grays, but that was Peter Brock's personal car and not indicative of the 'normal' market price.

This example being auctioned by Grays was advertised on the front cover of Unique Cars magazine back in September 2010 for a hefty $95,000.

It's back on the market, with an auction that ends in four days. See the details here.


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See issue 459 of Unique Cars mag, on sale November 11, 2021, for a major feature on these gems.


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