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Restomod V8

Holden's HQ was, for some, the pinnacle of the local company's styling efforts and that was reflected in a phenomenal sales success of some 485,650 units across a range of body styles and myriad variants.

Under the paint was, generally, a package that was designed to be relatively simple and robust. However there has long been controversy over some the decisions made about the range's handling charateristics, typically involving substantial understeer.

In a feature on the model, Dr John Wirght says, "History has largely rehabilitated the HQ. In the classic car market, sharp dynamics rarely count. Instead, the car’s beauty and the fact that it embodies the Australian automotive industry operating in its prime with all the economies of scale that entailed, see it more highly sought after than the models preceding it and coming afterwards."

This example is a fair way up the corporate heirachy, starting life as a 308-powered GTS auto. It's undergone a significant restoration, with fresh Barbados Green colour scheme. Under the bonnet is a stroked 304 V8.

Located in Melbourne, it's on the market for $115,000.


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