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Unique Aussie workhorse

When you think about it the Falcon XY 4x4 ute was a bit before its time.

 A jacked-up Aussie ute driving all four wheels in the early 70s? Only 432 were produced, and mainly by hand at Ford's Brisbane plant.

Once you stepped up inside it looked and felt like any XY sedan or wagon but with a floor shift in place of the regular column number and a vinyl bench seat.

The 4x4 had a sturdier subframe a reinforced undercarriage and cabin along with heavy duty axles and clutch. All had a 250ci straight-six and a three-speed BorgWarner manual transmission.

In recent times this rare, some would unkindly call oddball, Falcon has started to develop quite a fan base.

Rob Blackbourn delves into the Falcon 4x4 project.

Here is a mostly restored genuine factory made XY 4x4 ute that drives and runs well according to the ad but also also mentions the rear diff bearing being a bit noisy.

It has the combo of the 250ci six that's a reco motor, and manual three-speeder. It is being offered for $70,000. Check it out here.  


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