1934 Hudson Terraplane - todays art deco tempter

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Thirties style

Hudson's Terraplane series was one of relatively few success stories in the world auto scene, at a time when the Great Depression still had a significant hold and the industry as a whole was struggling. 

The company's format for the line, which included two-door coupes and four-door sedans, was to keep them light, simple and cheap.

You could get a straight 3.2lt six or 4.2lt straight eight powerplant, and the latter proved to have a very good power to weight ratio for the time. So much so that they had a reputation as popular get-away cars for gangsters.

As for the name, this was a time when aviation was still relatively novel and represented the cutting edge of technology, so 'Terraplane' was meant to summon up an image of flying across the landscape. 

Hudsons were assembled in several countries, including Australia and New Zealand, and were available in right-hand drive form.

This 1934 saloon is a six with three-speed manual and claims to be in generally good condition. It would certainly bring a bit of thirties style to your Sunday drive. Located in Samford Valley in Qld, it's on the market for $39,500.


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