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Low-volume, hand-built

Don't let the familiar lines of this car fool you. While it may look like a pumped-up Mazda MX-5, there's actually sod-all of the original DNA still in existence.

This Queensland-made car is an extraordinary piece of machinery, built on a bespoke space frame with composite panels.

It's powered by a blueprinted Lexus 4.0lt V8, running a Sprintex M90 supercharger. That lot is tied to a five-speed manual transmission. All up, it's a serious performance car, claiming a 4.0sec 0-100km/h sprint.

In many respects, these cars followed on in the tradition of the perhaps more famous Giocattolo, another local special. In that case it was a Holden V8 adapted to what began as an Alfa body.

There are a few generations of Bullet getting around (using a variety of powerplants) and all are hand-built and low volume. The seller of this example says it may be the last of the series, built in 2006.

It has a few creature comforts, including air-con and central locking.

Based in Brisbane, Qld, it's on the market for $75,000.


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