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mclaren McLaren 570S mclaren

Twin turbo V8

While it might seem bordering on the absurd to describe an exotic like this as 'practical', latter-day McLarens have come pretty close to fitting that description, in that they can be docile enough to filter through traffic.

However cut loose a 570S, and you'll soon get to know the true character of the 3.8lt twin-turbo V8. That's when terms such as 'docile' and 'practical' get tossed out the proverbbial window.

The car claims 419kW (562hp) in a 1440kg package, which adds up to mind-focussing performance. Our colleagues over at MOTOR magazine had a play with a 2017 version and described it as, "rawer and more exciting than a 911 Turbo without being as flamboyantly theatrical as a Lamborghini Huracan

This example is up for auction via Collecting Cars. Bidding was at $107,000 with five days to go.


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