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Late-gen rotary

Rotary-engine cars seem to be one of those technologies that you either love ot hate. To some, they are revvy buzzboxes, to others they are pure joy.

Our own Dave Morley is a fan, recently writing, "I dunno about you, but I’ve always dug rotaries. I like the way they sound, the way they feel to drive, their willingness to be tuned and, of course, the way they rev till forever and make big mobs of horsepower while they’re at it."

Mazda’s RX-8 relies on the 1.3lt Renesis 13b-MSP powerplant which initially claimed 142kW, and was later released in higher states of tune. Around 192,000 were made during the 2003-2012 model life.

Its most oustanding design feature was the unusual door configuration, with two conventional front doors and a pair of mini rear-hinged units to enable easier access to the rear seats. It nevertheless carried off the sports coupe look.

This Brisbane-based auto claims around 37,000 on the odo and to be in excellent shape. It‘s priced at $25,000.


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