Holden FC model + Esso tiger cooler + repro 80s car radio - Gearbox 456

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1. Ivory FC


Classic Carlectables has released a run of 750 of this FC Holden. Released in 1958, the model was a huge success for the company, claiming close to a 50 per cent market share. Though still powered by a variant of the grey motor out of its predecessor, it was a much more modern drive. This detailed 1:18 scale example is painted in two-tone ivory with red interior and sells at hobby stores for around $290.



2. Outlier bag


Car-themed accessories retailer The Outlierman sells a range of high-end gear, including this mid-sized duffle bag, The blurb says it’s made of leather by Italian crafspeople, while the interior is lined in a special silk patterned with classic cars. The kit includes a dust cover plus lock and key. It all sounds wonderful, though the price is somewhat sobering at around $1550.



3. Tiger cooler


Every now and then someone comes up with an award-winning name for a business, and we reckon Grease Vixen is this month’s easy winner. The company flogs assorted retro gear, including this 17lt steel cooler box, complete with the old Esso ‘put a tiger in your tank’ marketing theme. The company reckons it could also be used as a battery box for a hotrod build. It’s priced at $125.



4. Eighties sound


If you’ve been out in the shed putting back together an eighties Commodore or Calais or HDT, you may have discovered the original sound system is pining for the fjords. And getting a working original replacement is both near-impossible and priced somewhere just south of a rocket ride with Richard Branson. Here’s one solution, which is a repro head unit that has modern electronics behind it, BCS Auto Paints has some options priced around $350-400.



5. Charge me


C-TEK has come up with a combination unit called the CS-Free which sounds like an attractive proposition. It combines the funtions of a jump-starter/battery charger with a battery tender and can act as a portable power pack. It claims to be able to revive a dead battery in 15 minutes and has a 10-130Ah capacity, which is considerable. The tender side can handle lead-acid, AGM and lithium batteries. It’s compact, portable and weighs 1.4kg. Priced at $499.



6. Falcon time


This is probably a must-have for the Aussie Ford tragic – a factory-approved stainless steel Falcon watch. According to the makers: "Three chronographic sub dials provide even more accurate timekeeping. The side is engraved with the Falcon’s famous advertising slogan ‘Trim Taut Terrific.’ The reverse of the case is engraved with the classic Falcon logo, encircled by 11 makes of classic Falcons." Bradford Exchange is handling these, at $280.



From Unique Cars #456, August 2021

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