McLaren F1 + Torana LC GTR XU-1 + Jensen Interceptor - Auction Action 457

By: Mark Higgins

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Live auctions are on hold but online auctions are pulling a mixed bag of results. Here are some of the highlights

1994 McLaren F1

Sold: A$27.9M
Gooding & Company

So you've just inherited the family fortune and after a new runabout. This McLaren F1, the 25th built in 1994, set a record price for the model at the recent Pebble Beach auction. Its a one-off thanks to its unique colour combo and is said to be in time capsule condition. It has travelled a mere 387km. Let’s hope the new owner uses it a bit more.


1970 Holden Torana LC GTR XU-1

No sale: $143,750


Excuse a bit of nostalgic self-indulgence but I rode in this car as a kid. This Plum Dinga LC Torana is the GMH media car that kicked off the XU-1 phenomenon. A photo of it on the Lang Lang oval graced the walls of Holden showrooms, magazines, newspapers and in kids bedrooms for ages. Built June 1970 this first-batch XU-1 is said to still be in good condition and sold with media photos.


1974 Ford RS 3100 Capri

No sale: $111,259


Here is a Ford sought globally. Only 250 were made this 1974 example is being offered as one of the 50 imported by Ford Australia. It's in original and un-restored condition and comes with full ownership history. It has travelled a mere 52,000miles and hasn’t been damaged or repainted. An England-based RS Capri expert saw it a few years back and declared it one of the best surviving examples.


1976 Jensen Interceptor coupe

Sold: A$143,500
Hyman Ltd private sale


For well-heeled car buffs the late 1960s and 70s offered a smorgasbord of choices, including the Jensen Interceptor. Italian designed, American powered, and British engineered. Jensen owner Kjell Qvale took the convertible shell and adapted a hard top to it, featuring a tinted glass "targa bar" wrapped in padded vinyl. And this is one of just 46 known survivors. It had a bare metal respray in 2007 and an engine rebuild in 2012. .


What's movin' and shankin'



The E46 BMW carried the German marque from the 20th to the 21st century. Under the design direction of Chris Bangle and R&D chief Wolfgang Reitzle, the 325ci, in a coupe or convertible body, with its silky smooth naturally aspirated 2.5lt straight six bolted to an auto or manual box more than live up to the ‘Pure Driving Pleasure’ ad tag. Currently this model is affordable, but for how long? Documented service history is vital and overall they're quite bullet proof. Have it checked by a BMW specialist. A good one will deliver lots of smiles.


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