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SAAB 1 Saab 9-3 turbo SAAB 1
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Swedish convertible

It’s somewhat sobering to see the owner of this car note that it cost a gob-smacking $93,000 when new, and that was with a $2000 discount!

Of course seeing prices go into freefall once it’s more than a decade or more old is a common enough fate for a lot of European cars.

In the case of the 9-3, this was a significant update for the brand. This V6 model, with turbo, claimed 190kW fed through a six-speed paddle-shift auto. At the time it was a fairly lively performer.

Though the brand is now defunct (it produced cars from 1945 to 2012) there is a loyal fan base for them. That, along with the fact that decent numbers were made, helps to ensure reasonable back up for repairs and parts.

Priced at $16,300, it’s got the potential to be and interesting thing to own. It’s located in Mudgee, NSW.

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