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Toyota's MR2 series is one of those cars that may have flown just under the radar for a lot of would-be sports car owners, particularly when you have giants such as Porsche dominating the headlines.

However the diminutive Toyota had plenty to offer at reasonable money across three generations. This second-gen was seen as a less flighty handling package than its predecessor and arguably the best-looking of the lot. It potentially offered plenty of bang for the buck - depending on the spec ordered.

Four engine inline-four engine variants from 2.0 to 2.2lt were on offer in various markets, with the 2.0 turbo 3S-GTE being the king of the heap and claiming 200hp (149kW). They were matched to a four-speed auto or five-speed manual.

In Australia, second-gen cars tend to be dominated by 2.0lt normally aspirated offerings, with the occasional turbo thrown in. 

The mid-mounted engine placement gave these things a reputation for excellent handling. In the local market we got the twin-cam 16-valve 2.0lt four in the normally-aspirated cars, which was good for 157hp (117kW) initially and then 167hp (125kW) in the later 'Bathurst' versions. Not earth-shattering numbers, perhaps, but enough to create a lively car.

High mileages are surprisingly common, which suggests they're reasonably robust and owners actually find excuses to get out and enjoy them.

This example has been given a number of performance upgrades, has a 2.2lt engine and a five-speed manual

The 2.2 in stock form generated less power than a 2.0lt twin cam, but this would would seem to be a very different set-up, claiming to be a 2.2lt stroker with a Garret aftermarket turbo.

No production year is mentioned, but it does come with a RWC. Located in Canberra, it's priced at $32,000.


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