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Holden design team special

This is one of those cars that, on the face of it, might be just another restomod. However the pedigree is exceptional, with the 2004 Monaro ending up as a showcase of what a bunch of committed Holden staffers could do with the time and the right resources.

Street Machine mag took up the story in late 2019: "Holden has taken it upon itself to rebirth a much-loved Aussie two-door coupe, tracking down a worn-out 2004 CV8 with over 200,000 clicks on the clock and resto-modding it into a one-of-a-kind machine. On the surface, it may look like all that has resulted in is a new lick of paint and set of wheels, but there are dozens of custom touches and hours of work that have gone into this Munro to make it unique."

You can see the full story here.

The engine was rebuilt and enhanced by Maurice Fabietti and the car rides on Sachs suspension. There is a seemingly endless list of custom-made parts and features (including the paint), though the profile and appearance of the car remains surprisingly subtle.

It's for sale in Parkes, NSW, and is priced at $165,000.


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