Saab 9-3 S turbo - today's soft-top tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

saab Saab 9-3 S saab

Low cost convertible

Though the company may no longer exist as a major car manaufacturer, Saab has a loyal niche following for its often very effective and slightly quirky products. 

For those of us who recall the Swedish maker in its prime - when its name was attached to jet aircraft as well as cars - it's still hard to understand the dramatic demise of the company that began with a bankruptcy in 2011. 

You can find a brief history of the marque, here.  

About the time this car was built - the turn of the century - it was struggling to get the sales volume it needed, though the product was very good.

This model, the 9-3 S turbo convertible, was towards the top fo the range. The front-wheel-drive was powered by a turbo four and overall it qualified as a good-handling, comfortable and luxurious cruiser that could seat four.

While some earlier models have cropped up on the collector radar, such as the early two strokes, the 900 Aero and the 99 Turbo, this generation has yet to get there. We'd argue they're undervalued in the current market, which means they represent a potential bargain.

This example in Victoria claims 164,000km on the odo and is being sold with a roadworthy certificate. It's priced at $5900.


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