Mazda 6 turbo sleeper - today's tempter

By: Kian Heagney, Unique Cars magazine

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Wolf in sheep's clothing

An all-wheel drive, turbocharged, manual sedan that’s Japanese-built and goes like the clappers but isn’t a Subaru Impreza WRX or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo? That’s what today’s tempter is.

While most Mazda 6s are nothing more than perfectly adequate (and frankly boring) sedan for taking the kids to school, the MPS version was a truly awesome factory-made sleeper.

Under the bonnet was a 2.3-litre turbocharged inline four, developing a stonking 256hp (190kW) and 380Nm (280ft-lb) that was sent through a six-speed manual transmission to an AWD driveline. How good does that sound?

While an MPS still looked mostly like your Mum’s Mazda 6, subtle differences like the pumped up bonnet, boot lip and twin-exit exhaust were the giveaways to the extra power for those in the know. Think of it really as a Japanese BMW M5 without the eye-watering buy-in price.

Unlike other sports sedans of this period, the MPS hasn’t really been affected by Covid-tax, with clean examples – including today’s tempter – still being able to be snatched up for less than $10K.

This 2005 example is wearing nice purple metallic paint and a black leather interior, with the only modifications being a sports exhaust and pod filter. It wasn’t uncommon for these things to get a good tickle of extra boost, so standard examples are harder to come by.

The ticker is on the higher side at 244,000km, but the owner says the car is in good mechanical condition and the higher-end Potenza RE003 tyres wrapped around the factory 18" alloys points to a car that hasn’t been subject to penny pinching for running costs.

The price is negotiable starting at $9000, and you can view the full listing here.


MOTOR magazine went to the launch of this car, in Japan, and said:

"I’ve got Mazda engineers in one ear, including MPS project chief Joe Bakaj, whispering about the drifting abilities of the new Mazda6 MPS. I’ve got marketing bods telling me the new MPS is sophisticated and not in the same gene pool as rally weapons from Subaru and Mitsubishi."

See the full story here.


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