RX-2 and WRX lead Japan Classics at Grays

By: Unique Cars magazine

capella grays2106 Mazda RX-2 capella grays2106
mazda ute grays2106 Mazda Repu mazda ute grays2106
nissan pulsar gti grays2106 Nissan Pulsar GTiR nissan pulsar gti grays2106
subaru wrxsti grays2106 Subaru WRX STi subaru wrxsti grays2106

Fascinating line-up from a project car through to rally hero



If you've planning to dip a toe in the waters of Japanese classics, there are some pretty good options up for sale at Grays. They're part of a broader classic offering, which you'll find here.

Though not striclty a performance hero, the car that first caught our eye is what appears to be a very tidy Mazda RX-2 sedan. This one is a 1974 Series III manual and the RX-2s as a whole had a pretty good production racing history.

They were initially introduced to Australia during a pivotal time for the company. As our buyer guide mentions: "Australia saw its first RX-2s in October 1970, when two and four-door versions appeared in showrooms alongside the compact 1300 range and the R100 rotary. Also released in 1970 was the conventional 1.6-litre Capella that shared everything but its engine and some embellishments with RX versions." See the full story here.

Bidding for this one was at $40,000 with over a day to go.




Next up is something of a rarity on these shores, a 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTiR. Definately a performance hero for the brand. A Japan-only model, this example had reached $15,000 with a day to go.




Next up is a 1998 Subaru WRX STi, a model which shouldn't need explanation. The series changed the way we looked at small performance cars and has an incredibly long and successful rally history behind it. See our buyer guide.

Bidding on this 1998 manual was at $56,000.




Last on our list has potential as a project car. Japanese utes from the sixties and seventies are ripe for a little modification – you're not messing with a hugely valuable car and the results we've seen are often spectacular. This 1974 Mazda Repu shows signs of being tired and looks like it has potential as a starting point. Bidding was at $6100.

(Note that the numbers in our buyers guides will have changed over time.) 


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