Holden HJ Sandman - today's auction tempter

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Nicely restored example

There's something about 'made-up' models from the Holden catalogue that appeal hugely to collectors. A great example is the HQ SS, which was effectively an upgraded Belmont with some wild colours and fancy stripes. Now they're in big demand and fetch solid prices.


holden sandman rhs34.jpg


Another is the by now legendary Sandman series of vans and utes. Essentially the idea was grab what was otherwise meant to be a workhorse, and give it a V8 and some glam.

They were low-cost variants to develop and latched on to what was then a new niche youth market.

Many of them, a few owners along the way, ended up as tradie transport and literally being worked to death.


holden sandman interior.jpg


Of course now the vans in particular are in huge demand, to the point where there are now a fair number of replicas running around.


holden sandman engine.JPG


This example in Queensland, being auctioned by Seven82 Motors, ticks all the desirability boxes. The Brisbane-assembled 1976 HJ lays claim to being an original Sandman with a 308 V8 and four-speed manual transmission. 


holden sandman lhs.jpg


As the pics suggest, it's been given a comprehensive restoration and it's worth reading the auction description to see what went into the project.

In any case, the presentation is spectacular. Bidding is at $60,000 with a week to run. 

See the auction here.


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