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mustang 1968 Ford Mustang mustang

Recent resto

One thing there is no shortage of in this country is Ford Mustangs. Across the decades, Australians have been enthusiastic buyers of these cars, whether off the showroom floor at the odd times when they've been available new, or as imports when the exchange rate has been right.

That means you are spoiled for choice if you're in the market for one. 

One of the aspects that makes the cars from the sixties and early seventies particularly popular is, aside from the good looks, they are relatively easy to look after. Parts availabili8ty and service knowledge is excellent.

That said, it pays to check out any potential purchase with care, as bodywork in particular can be both expensive and time-consuming to rectify.

See our Mustang history piece on the first generation.

This example if a first-gen 1968 convertible, with the ubquitous 289ci V8 and an auto.

The seller says it's been professionally restored and has a lot of new mechnical components. Located in Victoria, it's on the market for $70,000.


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