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By: Unique Cars magazine

monaro HQ Monaro monaro

Subtle restomod with updated mechanicals

It's always guaranteed to set up a debate: you've got your scone-grabbers on a chrome bumper gem – should you restore it to factory spec, or go for some tasty updates? A lot will depend on the shape of the car, and whether it started life as a particularly desirable model.

In HQ Monaros, for example, if it started life as a base model – perhaps a six – then the restomod route starts to make a bit of sense. Anyway, we're all over 18 years of age and can make these decisions.

Something that caught our attention with this HQ is that, despite significant changes to the engine (now a 304 V8 out of a VT), transmission (now a four-speed), and brakes (discs all round), it still looks like a 1972 GTS. Even the upgraded wheels look right for the period.

This one is with Muscle Car Stables in Sydney and is priced at $109,990.


See our HQ GTS buyer guide here – note the prices have moved up since it was first published.

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