Ford XH XR6 ute - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

falcon ute Ford XH XR6 ute falcon ute

Workhorse has led a sheltered life

While it may have been intended as a workhorse, this XH ute seems to have dodged that fate and spent its life as a show pony.

The XH series was essentially an XG with an EF sedan snout grafted to the front (plus some steering upgrades) and several variants were built over time.

They included a Longreach series (including commercial vans), plus variants with V8 or straight six powerplants and auto or manual transmissions. 

Ford had clearly spotted a market for premium versions by this stage, and you could as a result get some interesting combinations that were potentially a toy as much as a commercial vehicle.

This 1996 XR6 claims to be with its second owner. It's a 4.0lt six with five-speed manual and the seller claims extensive history and paperwork. 

The photos suggest it's in exceptional condition, while the spec is apparently enough to make it unique. Price is $39,900, and it's located in south Sydney.


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