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escort Ford Escort escort

Feisty Ford has plenty of fans

For a small and relatively unassuming sedan, Ford's Escort series through MkI and MkII carries a mighty motorsport record. As a result, it's gathered a large and enthusiastic group of fans – particularly in the UK and Australia.

Plenty of MkIIs were built in this country, and this was the only market in the world where you could buy a four-door RS2000.

The appeal of these cars lies in their light and easy handling, with very good performance for the day from the larger-engined models.

While rust is inevitably an issue for restorers, there is a huge amount of support and spares availablity, so you will never see one being dragged off to the tip. 

What is far more common is that owners tend to have more than one of these things tucked away in the shed – apparently they're addictive.

A 1979 CK has popped up on the market, via Australian Muscle Car Sales. Located in Brisbane, it runs a 2.0lt powerplant with a five-speed Sierra tansmission.

The owner says it has recently undergone a lot of mechanical work. It's priced at $39,500.



We've done several stories on the breed over the years, including a buyer guide by Cliff Chambers. (Note that the values have moved since it was published.)




Plus we have a feature on staffer Dave Morley's RS2000.


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