Caterham sold to one of Japan’s biggest car retail groups, VT Holdings

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UK Clubman icon gets enthusiastic new owner

Historic clubman brand Caterham has found itself the subject of a take-over, though it seems far from hostile.

It’s been bought by one of Japan’s biggest car retail groups, VT Holdings, which has for some years handled Caterham, Lotus and Royal Enfiled distribution.

The company is run by 68-year-old Kazuho Takahashi who for decades has been a keen motorsport participant and clearly ‘gets’ brands such as Caterham.

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"We have not only purchased a globally renowned performance car manufacturer but become custodians of a motoring legend. We will protect and develop the Seven to meet the legislative challenges that lie ahead," he said.

One of those challenges is the imminent (2030) requirement in the UK that petrol and diesel-engined vehicles as we know them will no longer be sold. To survive in that market, you’ll need electric or hybrid.

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It’s doubtful Caterham had the resources to make the required leap, or change its business in such a way that it could explore alternatives.

Caterham management has also been making positive noises about the deal. "Takahashi-san and the team truly understand the DNA of the Caterham brand, our heritage, our customers and our passions. As a team, we’re all excited about starting to write the next chapter for this very special brand," said Graham MacDonald, Chief Executive for Caterham.


From Unique Cars #452, April 2021

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