Jaguar XKR - today's Brit tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

jag Jaguar XKR supercharged jag

Supercharged coupe

Jaguar's XK8 series, of which this is the prime muscle model, was a much-needed breath of fresh air for the company which for some time had been struggling for a proper hero car.

In turn the supercharged XKR really got it noticed. As Cliff Chambers writes in our buyer guide on the series: 

"Jaguar had been offering supercharged sedans since 1994 and performance-loving enthusiasts waited impatiently for the XKR. It arrived six months after the base model and immediately set new benchmarks in two of the attributes associated with Jaguar; grace and pace. Not much in the way of space, but you can’t have everything.

"The original XKR engine produced 276kW against the basic version’s 216kW and that was sufficient to fling it into the record books as Jaguar’s fastest-accelerating production car (excluding the XJ220)."

See the full story here.

This 2001 model coincides with Ford ownership of the brand, which overall was a good thing when it came to stable funding and quality control. A five-speed auto, it claims 202,000km on the odo and is being offered by Lorbek for $39,990.


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