Ford Falcon XA GT - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

falcon xa gt Ford Falcon XA GT falcon xa gt

Lots of resto work

While the market for local hero cars seems bottomless, examples like this should have no trouble finding a new home. 

For Ford Australia, the XA series was a hugely important step. In a feature on the series, Mark Higgins noted: "As Australian as the Outback was one description of the XA Falcon when it rolled onto our roads in March 1972, a dozen years after the Falcon nameplate first appeared on an American-based sedan in Ford showrooms among the Customlines, Zephyrs and Anglias.

"The third-generation Falcon was significant as it was successful.

"Not only was the XA the first ‘home grown Falcon’ it also revived the hardtop, something that wasn’t planned when the project commenced in 1968."

This 1972 example seems to have a well-recorded history and is said to have had a lot of effort thrown at it over the years. For example it is said to have received a full restoration in 2014-15, while the engine had a more recent rebuild/upgrade.

It's with Australian Muscle Car Sales in Sydney, though the car is located in Melbourne. It's priced at $185,000.


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