1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

chev van Chevrolet Sedan Delivery chev van

Holden-bodied commercial

chev van2.jpg

Though not so familiar on our roads these days, Chev commercials like this would have been a common site in the USA and, to a lesser extent on our shores.

The basis is the Master series sedan, rebodied as a commerical. In its home market, it was known as a Sedan Delivery. However the owner has listed it as a coupe, which suggests there's more to the story.


chev van engine.jpg


This era of the Master line-up generally ran a 206ci (3.4lt) 'Stovebolt' straight six, accompanied by a three-speed manual transmission as the basic package. 


chev van badge.jpg


Apart from the period aero styling, this one got our attention because of the Holden bodyworks badge. That suggests it may have been imported either in CKD form or as a chassis to be fitted with a locally-produced body. In any case, it has retained the American lines.

Located close to Melbourne, it's on the market for $36,000.


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