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benz c107 Mercedes-Benz 350SLC benz c107

Hardtop hero

Cars like the 350SLC come from an era when Mercedes-Benz was making rock-solid cars, charging a fortune for them and still selling in staggering numbers. 

For example, the hardtop SLC series from this era – otherwise known as the C107 – was built 1971-1981 and saw 62,888 units made.

Its close cousin, the SL convertible - aka the R107 – was an even bigger success story. It saw 237,287 made 1971 to 1989. Not bad for an allegedly exclusive car! See our R107 review here.

The series ran a range of straight six and V8 powerplants over its lifespan and this, the 350 (for 3.5 litres), was the base V8. That was matched to a three-speed auto in early versions and later a four-speed auto. 350SLCs could also be specified with four or five-speed manuals.

While you might expect the opposite, hardtop prices tend to at least match and sometimes exceed the values of convertibles. The fact the SLC had some race history may be part of that.

This Tasmanian car is a 350 with three-speed auto, claiming around 243,000km. It's on the market for $23,000.


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