Mazda MX-5 – Today’s Tempter

By: Kian Heagney, Unique Cars magazine

mazda mx 5 Mazda MX-5 mazda mx 5

Legendary roadster

With local travel restrictions finally being lifted, we’re willing to bet you’re as itchy as us to hit the tarmac and carve up some twisty roads far away from home – and what better way to do in than in an open top coupe?

This 1995 second-gen Mazda MX-5 fits the bill perfectly, combining beautiful chassis poise, Japanese reliability, drop-top roof and three pedals at a decent price.

Prices for early MX-5s have been steadily rising for several years now, the first-gen NA MX-5 in particular heading north fast with tags for worthwhile examples starting at $12,000.

This is because the MX-5 rewrote our understanding of the cheap convertible sports car. It threw away the notion that open-top cruisers were unreliable, expensive burdens that could only be taken out twice every summer. They were cheap, fun and cheerful way of going motoring every day if the owner was so inclined, which is why they’ve found a second love with enthusiasts and prices are on the up.

This being a second gen 1999 NB means you miss out on pop-up headlights and a slightly lighter chassis, but you get a nicer interior to soak up the miles in and a touch more grunt from the 140hp 1.8-litre four banger to row through the five-speed manual.

The interior and exterior present seem to present well for a car over 20 years old, and appear to be all original. That gives the impression this one hasn’t ended up in the hands younger players when buying prices were a third of what they are today.

The seller says the car has perfect service history, including a set of new tyres wrapped around the 16-inch alloys. The 192,000km on the odometer shouldn’t be a hindrance – if the service history stacks up, that is a very long way from being worn out. These powertrains are capable of more than double that mileage.

The car is priced at $14,990, and you can view the full listing here.

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