Chrysler VE Valiant - today's tempter

By: Guy 'Guido' Allen, Unique Cars magazine

valiant ve Chrysler VE Valiant valiant ve

Original cruiser

This 1968 VE Valiant may seem a little like just another Aussie-made chrome bumper family car, but back when they were new they were something of a stand-out effort.

In our buyer guide for this series we noted

"Chrysler Australia will be remembered for a number of things, among them its ability to stand out a little from the crowd. Its VE series Valiants of the late sixties were proof of that, with simple almost austere lines that made them instantly recognisable. Those straight edges and glasshouse looks still work.

"Meanwhile the company had turned the straight six engine into an art form. Modern Motor magazine, back in the day ran a side-by-side test of the Holden 186, Ford 200 and Valiant 225 – all with autos. The Val literally ran away with the performance honours."

It also won the prestigious Wheels magazine Car of the Year award in 1967.

The example you see here is claimed to be a rare survivor with a 225 (3.7lt) six that has been pulled out of a shed and recommissioned. It's located in Queensland and priced at $40,000.

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