VH Charger + EH Premier + Audi Sport Quattro - Auction Action 450

By: Mark Higgins

valiant charger valiant charger

Recent auction highlights from around the world...

1972 VH Valiant Charger R/T E49

Sold: $253,000
Slattery Auctions

THE HOLY grail of Chargers is the R/T E49 with a tiny production run. The E49 was built to win Bathurst and created after the learnings of competing in the classic the previous year. It didn’t win but did finish third. Chargers in all guises are eagerly sought and the E49 with its 4.3lt six, fed by triple carbs and four slot gearbox is arguably one of the greatest of all Aussie muscle cars..


1966 Mercedes-Benz 600 six-door Pullman

Sold: A$450,700
RM Sothebys


REMEMBER how we used to smuggle a few extras into the drive ins or race meetings. This opulent Pullman could stow away a bigger crowd than most NRL games. Only 42 six-door Pullmans were built and just 11 were fitted with a factory sunroof and aircon. In Australia Sir Frank Packer used to get about in one, so did the Pope, and both had chauffeurs.


1963 Holden EH Premier

Sold: $92,000
Burns & Co


THE EH IS the most celebrated Holden of early 1960’s, and this top dog Premier has a brace of Nasco accessories festooned to it and 38,028 miles on the clock.The price proves Aussie classics are highly sought. Finished in Buller Grey with cream interior has an auto transmission bolted to a 179 six. It had a no expense spared resto, has won many trophies, came with original books and papers.


1988 Audi Sport Quattro S1

Sold: A$3.16M
Artcurial Motorcars


THE GROUP B Rally era ran from 1981 to 1986 and produced the most ferocious cars in the history of the world championship.

Audi took two world crowns with their flame spitting quattro. Only a handful were built at enormous cost and not many remain, few in such condition as this one appears. This one, from a private collection fetched a world record price or a rally car after the hammer fell on double its already lofty estimate.


What's moving and shaking:

Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo


The Mitsubishi Cordia turbo was a front wheel drive with oddles of power, hours of turbo lag and extreme torque steer. It was quick and fun to punt. The Cordia turbo was the hero in the crash and bash celebrity race at the first Adelaide GP. Bang for your buck was impressive but sales were slow. Some have been restored, many modded and some left to rot. But if you want a past blast that looks like a sleeper and goes like a rat up a drain, check out the Cordia, as one day they will be expensive and you’ll say ‘I remember when…’

Call up your local Mitsubishi club for advice and maybe a car for sale. And if you find one, ask one of the car club techo people to check it out, saving you time and heartache.


From Unique Cars #450, March 2021

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