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alfa Alfa Romeo 105 GT Veloce alfa

Feisty Italian coupe

It's a history that's largely forgotten these days, but Alfa Romeo's first major impact on the local scene happened late in the company's history and via the race track.

A feature we first published over a decade ago reveals: 

"Before 1965, Australians had little idea of what an Alfa Romeo even Bathurst in ’67, and up against a field of new XR Falcon GTs, two GTV Alfas driven by Doug Chivas/Max Stewart, Bartlett/Laurie Stewart finished third and fourth and on the same lap as the front-running GTs. Suddenly, everyone knew what an Alfa Romeo was."

See the full story.

As for the car you see here, it's a late-model 105, towards the tail end of a series we started seeing in 1963. As the quote above indicates, they were feisty performers for their day and remain a fun drive even now.

This example is a 1973 2000 with five-speed manual. A long list of refurbishment work is mentioned, to the chassis, body and mechanicals. 

Located in NSW, it's on the market for $85,000.


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