Supercharged FPV Cobra - today's tempter

By: Kian Heagney, Unique Cars magazine

ford cobra Supercharged FPV Cobra ford cobra

Iconic colour scheme with major power-up under the hood

Just 400 BF GT-R Spec Cobra sedans were assembled by FPV in celebration of Ford’s iconic 1-2 form finish at Bathurst in 1977, but this one in particular has been fettled with to make it stand out even more.

FPV fitted the GT-R Spec Cobras with their flagship version of the Boss V8, the stonking 302kW variant of the aspirated quad cam 5.4-litre – but the previous owner of this particular car decided that still wasn’t enough kick.

As a result, hanging off the side of the Boss V8 in this Cobra is a belt-driven Vortech V3 supercharger, with upgraded fuel system and intercooler to take power up to an eye-watering 504kW at the wheels. A twin plate clutch is also used to help send all that power through the original six speed manual ‘box.

Being a GT-R Spec, FPV fitted the Cobra’s with their upgraded handling package which should help contain the mammoth grunt hiding under that bulging bonnet.

If originality is what you’re after though, then don’t despair. While the engine may have been turned up to 11, the rest of the car still presents in showroom fresh condition. This 2007 model is build number 113/400, with just 10,000km on the ticker and the original set of keys, log books and ownership manual all included.

The Cobra is for sale from Muscle Car Warehouse in Sydney for $95,000, you can view the full listing here.


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