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citroen SM Citroen SM citroen SM

Stylish saloon has turned 50

Though not as iconic or as familiar as the firm's DS or Goddess series, the SM was a remarkable piece of engineering, capable of wafting its passengers across Europe quickly and quietly. Power came from a Maserati 2.7lt V6.

In 2020 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of this car. In that story we commented: "The SM bristled with Citroen innovations, such as the famous self-levelling hydro-pneumatic suspension and, perhaps more importantly, variable-assist power steering that was a true industry leader. Overall it was a benchmark for what could be packed into a font-wheel-drive vehicle. Drive one today and you may be surprised at how modern it feels."

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This 1972 example is said to be a clean unrestored example and is available from lorbek at $79,990.


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