Ford Performance Vehicles FG ute - today's two-seater tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

fpvute fpvute

Sports car with a tray

Once described as two-seater sports cars with a tray, late-model hotted-up Australian utes have a huge fun factor without necessarily breaking the bank.

The FG series of Fords represented a substantial remake of the prior BA/BF, with the utilities proving to particularly popular. At the time local utes from Ford and Holden were booming.

In the case of the FG series product from FPV, we're talking of a couple of generations of hotrods with plenty of performance to get your attention.

This is a 2010 model, which means it was running the Miami 5.0lt supercharged V8, claiming 315kW or 420-ish horses. Given how light these things are, that's enough to punt it at the horizon at an appalling rate.

Number 103 in the series, this GS is running a number of engine upgrades, plus a six-speed manual transmission. It's priced at $33.990.

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