Dodge Viper - today's over-the-top tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

003 DodgeViperGTS Dodge Viper 003 DodgeViperGTS

Lambo-developed V10

We're not sure this is about having the absolute fastest track weapon in the world, and it certainly isn't about subtlety. Owning a Dodge Viper, we reckon, has as much to do with having a car that gets the pulse rate up as it is performance.

This was one of those weird anomalies in the long history of the Dodge brand, where parent Chrysler suddenly got a sudden rush of blood to the head and decided to have a crack at a very serious performance car.

What we ended up with was very American in some respects, despite the Lamborghini-developed V10 powerplant. We're talking a fibreglass body on a long-nosed missile that had the twin attributes of a big engine shoe-horned into a (these days) relatively light car.

In this case we're talking an eight-litre powerplant in a 1500kg unit.

It was initially built as a roadster from January 1992. By the time this R/T10 GTS version rolled around in 1996 it was claiming 450 horses (335kW) at 5200rpm and 660Nm of torque at 3700. Enough to make it a very quick toy.

This example was converted to right-hand-drive in Australia and claims all the expected approval paperwork. It's listed by Oldtimer in Queensland for $189,950.


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