Volkswagen Kombi - Today's Tempter

By: Guy 'Guido' Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Bring back the sixties!

There are times when you have to wonder if Volkswagen engineers ever anticipated, when they first penned the type 2 bus on a Beetle-like platform in the late 1940s, that it would become something of a cult classic, worth sometimes lurid amounts of money.

The auction scene saw the value of prime models such as the Samba soar well into six figures, though things seemed to have calmed a little in recent years.

However they're still very much in demand and there is a whole industry in restoring and setting them up to deal with modern traffic.

This 1961 example claims a long list of mods to improve both its handling and performance. For example the seller says it's running an improved rear end, while the front benefits from an updated steering rack.

The engine of course has also come in for attention, with a long list of updates. Then of course there are the Fuchs wheels, which are said to be genuine

It's on the market for $85,000 and is located in Cairns, Queensland. Time for a trip up north, perhaps?

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