Today's Classic Tempter – MG TF

By: Guy 'Guido' Allen, Unique Cars magazine

mg tf MG TF roadster mg tf

Traditional Brit sportster

If you ever had the desire to own and drive something that 'talks' to the long history of car design, you could do a lot worse than an MG TF. 

It represents a very real link between pre-WWII cars that in some respects weren't all that far removed from the early 'horseless carriages' and post-war adoption of a more integrated body design.

For MG, the T series dated from the 1930s and represented a toe in the water of a market it helped to create – that is for light and affordable two-seater sports cars. You could easily argue that latter-day designs such as the Mazda MX-5 can trace their roots to this thinking.

Launched from 1953, the TF was a progression rather than radical redesign over its predecessors. It did however look far more modern, with a raked grille, lower-profile bonnet and faired-in headlights.

The looks were backed up by a lift in performance for the 1.3lt engine, which was later to be bumped up to 1.5lt.

This 1.3lt example claims an extensive restoration. According to the Healey Factory, the body and the entire drivetrain was worked on over a few decades. 

It's priced at $39,500 and you can see it here.

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