Tickford AUII Falcon - today's Aussie Muscle tempter

By: Guy 'Guido' Allen, Unique Cars magazine

tickford falcon 2 tickford falcon 2
tickford falcon tickford falcon

The car that saved the AU

Ford Australia must have wondered what sort of nest of vipers it stumbled into with the launch of the first-gen AU Falcon back in the late 1990s. The looks were a bit of a shocker, while the car itself faced some development challenges, all of which meant it copped a bit of a hiding out there in PR land.

Of course that orphan status has somehow turned into minor cult status as owners celebrate the ones that have survived all sorts or mistreatment across the decades.

The AUII addressed the majority of the technical issues and these, the XR Tickford variants, actually helped add some glam along with a serious performance upgrade.

Though still a very long way from reaching the collectible heights of some of their chrome bumper predecessors, the series has developed a following.

To get a grip on what happened with this series, see Cliff Chambers' buyer guide.

In the meantime, the example you see here is a 2001 model with the later 220kW powerplant. It claims remarkably low mileage at 83,000km and a good set of records.

It's on the market via Australian Muscle Car Sales for $29,000.

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