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By: Guy 'Guido' Allen, Unique Cars magazine

UNC 447 med Unique Cars magazine #447 UNC 447 med
E49 Charger 003 E49 Charger E49 Charger 003
PROTOTYPE 007 VN Group A prototype PROTOTYPE 007
London Sydney Marathon KAG001 In Flight London-Sydney Falcon London Sydney Marathon KAG001 In Flight
morley vw Morley's lockdown Beetle morley vw
jag xj220 Jaguar XJ220 jag xj220
bmw e30 BMW E30 bmw e30
holden gtrx 01 Holen GTR-X holden gtrx 01

Unique Cars magazine's biggest issue for 2020

Righto, enough of the doom and gloom that was 2020. Unique Cars magazine has produced it's biggest magazine for the year – number 447, some 220 pages – including our annual Australian and American muscle car guide.

We've managed to stagger through a challenging year and, despite all the dramas, the classic and muscle car market has been ticking along very nicely, thanks. Prices aren't as crazy as they were at the height of the Aussie muscle car boom a couple of years ago, but it's still a very solid scene.

And there is still some very good buying out there – particularly when it comes to American muscle and family cars.

Cliff Chambers, our in-house valuer, goes through the market with a close eye on real rather than imagined sales results. 

E49 Charger -008.jpg

Plus, we're featuring the most desirable of all Chargers, the mighty E49 'big Tank' homologation special. This was arguably the best Aussie muscle car never to win Bathurst.

PROTOTYPE -007.jpg

Speaking of race specials, Glenn Torrens reveals the story behind the prototype Holden VN SS Group A.


Mark Higgins brings us part one of the great yarn behind the Ford Falcon three-car tilt at the legenday Sydney-London Rally.

morley vw.jpg

Dave Morley is back on deck after a long absence and walks us though his lockdown Volkswagen Beetle.

jag xj220.jpg

Toybox this time around headlines with an incredible Jaguar XJ220, which can now be registered in Australia.

bmw e30.jpg

Bargain hunters out there get a few tips on a future collectible, the humble but increasingly popular BMW E30.


Plus Holden's ambitious but stillborn GTR-X turns 50!

See that and a whole lot more in the new issue, out now...

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