1970 Chrysler VG Valiant 2 door convertible – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

VG Valiant tempter front side VG Valiant tempter front side
VG Valiant tempter front VG Valiant tempter front
VG Valiant tempter interior VG Valiant tempter interior
VG Valiant tempter engine VG Valiant tempter engine

Something different! Custom convertible two-door VG Valiant: 265, auto, completely restored

Chrysler’s annual 1969 update for the local Valiant came in the form of the new VG. But while the visual differences were relegated to rectangular head lamps, restyled tail lamps and a new grille; the big developments came under the bonnet with the debut of the all-new Australian-made Hemi-six.

The new 245 Hemi-six was promised to be one of the most advanced six-cylinders of its time, and became Chrysler’s engine of choice for buyers. The VG Valiant could initially be had with the old slant-six, the new 245ci (in three states of tune), or the optional 318ci V8.


As Chrysler’s mainstream model, there was an array of trim levels and body styles to suit the wide range of buyers. VG Valiants could be had in sedan, coupe, station wagon and utility bodies.

What they couldn’t be bought as, were open top convertibles. And yet, here one is.

Based on, what we assume was, a VG Valiant coupe; this two-door Valiant now presents as a custom-converted ragtop.


This isn’t even the only one out there, as we’ve seen photographic evidence of various drop-top converted Valiants over the years.

We’re not sure when this one was built, but the seller states that it has been completely restored, presents in very good condition and drives very well.

The seller also writes that the car is fitted with the three-speed automatic gearbox, and a "165 hemi six" - however this is likely a typo and may be retrofitted with the 265 which debuted in 1971.  


Overall, the vehicle looks presentable although it deviates significantly from factory (beyond the obvious lopping of the roof), especially seen in the interior. Still, it’s certainly something different, and offers to opportunity to own something truly unique.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find the drop top Valiant in Tasmania, listed for $25,000.

Check out the full listing here!


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