Japanese auction house to sell F40 engine and various super-rare spares

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

BHauction rare spares F40 engine BHauction rare spares F40 engine

Where does the F40 owner go when they need a replacement engine, or a spare set of wheels?

Are you a McLaren F1 owner who has clumsily misplaced your original owner’s book? Or a Ferrari F40 owner in need of a replacement engine, or a spare set of wheels?

For those lucky enough to play at the top-end of our collectible community, you can’t find spares at the local auto store, and the hunt for rare spares can often be as much of a collectible hobby in itself.

BH Auction, Japan’s finest four-wheeled purveyors, are holding an online auction dedicated solely to various pieces of unobtanium spare parts, for equally unobtanium-grade cars, on October 17.  


Perhaps most eye-catching is the complete Ferrari Tipo F120A engine for a Ferrari F40, and the complete sets of new-old-stock F40 and 288 GTO wheels. The pre-auction estimate of these items has yet to be published.

There are however a number of Ferrari F40 OZ Racing wheels, estimated to fetch up to JP¥70,000 (AU$930) each. BH is one rear wheel short of a set however, and the three will be sold separately – but we can’t help but think they would make for the most excellent coffee table, or hose reel.


A number of incredibly rare and unused McLaren F1 spares feature heavily in the auction, including: a front and rear wheel, various owner’s books and material, a right-hand side headlight cover, and even a singular carbon brake rotor for a McLaren F1 GTR.

Curiously, you’ll also notice a huge cache of Toyota-branded components amidst the trove of exotic rare spares. It’s no mistake however, as we’re talking about the million-dollar 2000GT. Regarded as Japan’s first ‘supercar’, and by some as one of the world’s most beautiful cars; anyone undergoing a resto may find this auction to be a valuable opportunity.


Brand new with their crates, sit a brand-new Toyota 2000GT engine block and transmission, as well as various and near impossible-to-find engine components, new-old-stock glass, wheels and more.

Even if you’re not seriously looking to buy, the auction is a fascinating glimpse into what hidden gems may be found within the notoriously wealthy and private Japanese collections.

You can see all available lots at bhauction.com


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