Falcon XB GS + Dodge Viper + Holden FB wagon + BMW 1600-2 - Auction Action 444

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ford falcon gs project ford falcon gs project

Live auctions might be on hold right now but the auction scene continues to bustle along with online auctions. Here are some of the highlights from last month

1974 Ford Falcon XB GS project

Sold: $25,100

This project looks like a huge undertakin. For many, a genuine XB GS Coupe is well worth that for the shell alone.

Originally a six-cylinder car, the XB is fitted with a 302 Cleveland auto and is said to run. It claimed to have all parts for assembly except the fuel tank, rear bar and seats. Found in Victoria, it's not a bad way to spend the rest of iso.

1993 Dodge Viper RT/10

Sold: $40,000
Bring a Trailer


When the Dodge Viper debuted in 1991, it was an entirely different breed of American muscle car. A classic rear-cab design made way for a monstrous 8.0lt V10 developed in part by Lamborghini (which Chrysler owned at the time). The car was actually intended to be a modern 427 Cobra, yet despite their exotic design and imposing engine, they're worth very little in the US, although that must surely change.


1960 Holden FB wagon

Sold: $58,000


Aussie family cars continue to surge in popularity with values quickly catching up. This exceptional FB Wagon is a good example, selling within just $2000 of a manual '77 Chrysler CL 770 Charger on the very same night; a result that would have been unthinkable some years ago. This one has been fastidiously restored and was originally estimated to fetch up to $45,000.


1969 BMW 1600-2

Sold: $53,690
Bring a trailer


BMW's 1600-02 (coloquially known as 1602) was a breakout car for the firm's pivotal line of 'new class' sedans in the 60s.

With a unibody construction, MacPherson front struts and IRS, the 1602 was lauded by the press as one of the true great driver's cars of the time. This one has been restored and received some thoughtful upgrades, including a 2.0lt motor. Don't worry though, the original is included.


1957 Lincoln Premier

Sold: $23,700


If you're after a car that maximises road presence for minimal spend, you simply can't go past the big Americans already calling Australia home. The Lincoln Premier was one of the brand's most luxurious offerings, positioned below the flagship Continental Mark II, and featured a 368ci Y-block V8 and three-speed auto. This one went through Shannons recently for very reasonable money and is a great starting point for a rolling restoration.


What's moving & shaking

Mitsubishi 3000GT


Brought to Australia in limited numbers (117 total), the 3000GT faced an underwhelming reception when new given its almost six-digit price tag. They have largely remained undiscovered by enthusiasts until recently, with local cars fetching up to $30K.

The car’s sophisticated 3.0lt twin-turbo V6 was front-mid mounted transversely, with all-wheel drive and steering, sprung by adaptive dampers and active aerodynamics. When new, the powertrain delivered 210kW; 4kW more than the heroic R32 GT-R!


From Unique Cars #444, Sep 2020

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