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Inside this month's Unique Cars gearbox...


1. Fast Dodge


Bradford Exchange has released this one and it’s clearly targeted at the muscle car fan in the family. In our experience, that could just as easily be the Missus. In any case, it’s a 1969 Dodge Coronet in Super Bee trim and claims to have a detailed engine bay with a Magnum engine. Priced at $299.95, you can find it by going to the website and searching for Dodge Coronet.


2. Battery boy


It’s really not a life or death decision, but one of the frustrations with building or restoring an historic car is finsihing off all the little details so they look authentic. A not so little detail is the battery, which can stand out like the proverbial dog appendages, if it’s a modern colour. A simple solution is to paint the shell black, which is easy enough, and then use a kit from this European seller to dress it up. Weskcar’s store on Ebay has a range including historic brands such as Lucas and Auto-Lite. Cost is @ $35.


3. Hot wheels


If it’s an American muscle car you’re reviving in the shed, your mind must eventually turn to what sort of wheels you’re going to bolt to the thing. We’re fans of the traditional look of these Torq Thurst items from American Racing and sold locally through Wheel Pros. The stock ID is VN105 and they’re available in 14, 15 and 16-inch sizes with a couple of variants of five-stud patterns. There are also two finishes. Pricing will vary depending on what you’re after.


4. Lithium jump


Call us cynical, but if we’re planning any substantial trip in one of our shitb...oops, wonderful historic cars, we chuck a lithium jump starter in the boot. These days they weigh nothing and give you a much better than fighting chance of getting going again, say if you’re silly enough to leave the lights on, or the battery is just a little tired and emotional. This 1200A jump-starter cum powerbank from Repco costs $362 and should have enough grunt to do the job on almost any car.


5. Rare spares


F2094 – Radiator Grille Upper Mounting Kit XW XY ZC ZD. Okay, so there’s a description that’s not going to get most people’s pulse racing. But if you’re in the throes of nailing together an old Ford, it just might get you a bit excited. It’s an example of the weird, wonderful and ever-growing list that is the Rare Spares cattledog. Apparently this kit is being manufactured as we speak, so there’s no price – yet. See more at the website.


6. Slot Car Landscapes


Slot car landscapes manufactures model Mount Panorama and other landscape themes and is about to release a range of miniature landscapes for Scalextric and Carrera track. The landscapes have all sorts of features and start at $2500. Definitely a way to add depth to your kid’s playroom or cave. It seems like your imagination is the only limitation and custom builds are invited.


From Unique Cars #443, Aug 2020 

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