1999 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Coupe – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Sti Coupe front side Sti Coupe front side
Sti Coupe rear side Sti Coupe rear side
Sti Coupe side Sti Coupe side
Sti Coupe engine Sti Coupe engine
Sti Coupe interior Sti Coupe interior

Less is certainly more, as a lack of rear doors sees WRX values soaring

The Subaru WRX redefined what a performance car could do for an entire generation, and was one of the 1990s most popular dealership-sourced road racers.

Values for most basic sedans however, have spent much of recent memory at the bottom end of the secondhand market. For many Australian motorists, the WRX suffered a sensational fall from grace, as their WRC-pedigree also made them the prime choice of getaway car for Western Sydney ramraiders.


In past years, they were frequently at the pointy end of the ‘most stolen cars’ list and virtually spawned a black-market ecosystem for stolen vehicles and components.

As a result, in 2020, a huge price disparity presents itself on the market, as a diabolical rate of attrition has seen good original examples become a critically endangered species. Cars with unsupported history are still frequently found for below $10,000 – a frequently popular choice for young enthusiasts with a performance itch – however clean original examples will quickly see values double, treble and beyond.


The flagship STi two-door is one of the most desirable of the early GC-generation. Launched in 1999 for the price of $60,000, the cars came standard an uprated 206kW powerplant with a higher compression, forged pistons, hollow-valve stems, and an Australian-allocation of just 399 cars.

Scarcity and a more sympathetic ‘collector’ ownership base have seen these rare cars survive in generally better condition. Values have also proved far more durable in recent years, in line with the trending late-model Japanese segment.


This one presents as an honest and well-kept car, having covered an agreeable 168,592kms in its life.

The car is in very original condition, still retaining its factory white duco, interior and even its original turbo and intercooler. Specified with the desirable five-speed manual, the car comes with its original log books and spare key.

This WRX STi coupe is based in Sydney and is listed for $79,990.

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