1995 Holden Commodore VS – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine


Not much info on this one, but said to be a genuine BT1 car formerly belonging to the Chief Commissioner

By the time the VS Commodore landed in 1995, Holden had made great strides in improving almost every facet of its top-selling sedan, whose generation began with the VN of 1988.

Independent rear suspension arrived with the VP of 1991, while the VS update received a wider track and new front strut towers and struts for better suspension geometry and overall handling.

Inside the cabin, there was a new smooth dash with adjustable steering column as well as an Australian-first passenger airbag.

The VS’ made for a popular and prolific fleet vehicle, which included BT1-tagged government vehicles, most of are ex-police cars highly desired by enthusiasts.

This VS Commodore looks the part in its red and blue digs, and is described to be a genuine BT1 car formerly belonging to the Police Chief Commissioner. This may be a misunderstanding, as we're told logbooks at the time often described fleet cars as the property of the commissioner.

Unfortunately, we only have the one photo to go off, so it’s hard to spot any other clear BT1 identifiers such as the unique speedometer, instrument binnacle light found inside.

Furthermore, BT1 cars are far from universal which can make identifying one difficult on a simple visual inspection. Some were six-cylinder cars, some where eights. Most were built on ‘Executive’ shells, although a rare few were built on SS’, and some were even ‘HSV enhanced’.  

This vehicle looks to be in good condition and shows 166,000kms travelled according to the listing.

If anyone is interested in investigating this alleged former law-enforcing Commodore, you can find it in Victoria, listed for $19,950.

Check out the full listing here!


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